Top 6 Reasons for Needing Orthodontic Treatment

When it comes to getting braces, most patients’ main goal is to straighten out their smile. This is only one of many reasons that patients may seek out an orthodontist. One may not exhibit signs of overcrowding or issues with their bite but pursuing optimal oral health through orthodontic care can have a positive impact on your overall health. 

If you’re thinking about orthodontic treatment for your child, Family Orthodontics of the Palm Beaches recommends bringing your child in for a complimentary consultation by age 7. No matter your age, orthodontic treatment provides a solution for a straighter smile, discourages gum disease, and ensures proper function of your teeth, while also correcting sleep disorders, speech, and issues with chewing and eating. 

Teeth Straightening

A common reason for orthodontic treatment is overcrowding and protruding teeth. Many children, teens, and adults seek out orthodontic options to straighten their smile and boost their confidence. Orthodontists refer to this misalignment as “malocclusion,” which is simply when your upper and lower teeth aren’t aligned. Whether you’re wearing braces with metal brackets, ceramic braces, or aligner trays, our doctors are here to straighten out your smile and help boost your quality of life!

Correcting Your Bite

Misalignment of your upper and lower rows of teeth may result in an underbite, an overbite, or an open bite. An overbite occurs when the bottom front teeth disappear behind top front teeth when you bite down. An underbite, the opposite of an overbite, is when the lower front teeth overlap the top front teeth when you bite down. Lastly, an open bite is when there is a gap between the upper and lower front teeth when you bite down. Correcting a misaligned bite can resolve any issues with speaking or eating that may be caused by the bite.  

Difficulties with Chewing or Eating

Issues with bite and spacing can lead to issues with chewing and eating that may have effects on overall health. Leaving overbites, underbites, and open bites untreated can lead to damage while chewing or eating due to the misalignment and improper chewing functions. This is especially important in young patients because any difficulty with chewing while eating may lead to weight loss. Orthodontic intervention can resolve these issues and lead to a happier and healthier smile!

Correcting Teeth Spacing

Overcrowding or large gaps in your teeth can cause improper chewing function and may lead to feeling self-conscious about your smile. In children, the proportions of their teeth to their mouth may change as they grow, causing overcrowding or spacing issues. Adult patients may be aware how their bite has changed over the years and seeking orthodontic treatment can help properly align their smile and correct overcrowding or gaps. Closing the gaps or correcting the crowding in patients of all ages helps maintain optimal oral health, keep cavities at bay, and improve the appearance of their smile. 

Sleep Apnea

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just helpful for straightening up your smile, it can also be beneficial for correcting issues like sleep apnea. Orthodontic care gently moves your jaw, facial tissues, and teeth into their new positions. Most often, patients with an overbite can exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea. Treatment can lead to sleep apnea correction and eliminate the need to explore surgical options. Additionally, orthodontic intervention for sleep apnea correction can keep you from needing a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. By working together with your orthodontist, you can have a brighter smile and a good night’s sleep.

Fixing Speech Impediments

Malocclusion, including bite problems, spacing issues, and overcrowding, can cause speech impediments or difficulty speaking. Some dental issues, such as an open bite, can cause difficulty with speech sounds, like a lisp. Coupling orthodontic care with speech therapy can be helpful in younger patients whose speech is still developing. Understanding the positive impact orthodontic care can have on speech for patients at any age will help improve smiles and confidence for life!

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