Clear Braces

At Family Orthodontics of the Palm Beaches, we have several options for orthodontic treatment, including clear braces. Clear braces offer an effective and discreet way to work toward your dental goals. If you are interested in learning more about clear braces in the Palm Beaches, FL, area, call our office or schedule your visit online today!

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are very similar to traditional braces. Anyone who is a candidate for traditional braces has the option for clear braces as an alternative choice. Clear braces can be used by both teens and adults, offering an option that blends in naturally with your smile and tooth structure. Clear braces are made from transparent or tooth-colored materials, replacing the metal used in traditional braces with ceramic. In addition to ceramic materials, clear elastic bands can be used.

How Clear Braces Work

Once the clear braces have been placed, routine visits will be scheduled with your orthodontist for adjustments. These adjustments will help your teeth gradually shift into the right position over time. Your orthodontist can also determine which teeth move and when they move by making regular adjustments. Each patient’s treatment time varies depending on their smile. During your initial visit, your orthodontist can also determine an estimated treatment time for reaching your dental goals.

Benefits of Clear Braces

With a similar treatment process to that of traditional braces, clear braces allow you to enjoy the advantages of traditional braces, plus some extra benefits!

    • Discreet Straightening Option – With clear braces, more of your smile is visible during treatment and the braces are less noticeable. The clear materials help the orthodontic treatment blend in with your smile.
    • Confidently Work Towards Your Goals – Clear braces allow you to feel confident during the entire straightening process.
    • Solution For Both Teens & Adults – Clear braces offer an alternative to traditional braces that can be the perfect option for any age.

Clear Braces Compared to Invisalign®

Similar to Invisalign, clear braces offer an option that blends in with your smile better than traditional metal braces. However, not all patients are candidates for Invisalign treatment. In these cases, clear braces can be a discreet, effective alternative.

Get Started on Your Dental Goals

At Family Orthodontics of the Palm Beaches, we can help you work towards a more confident smile. The first step is a consultation. Our team will take a look at your smile, answer all of your questions, and put together a personalized treatment plan with recommended treatment. If you are interested in clear braces, we can determine if you are a candidate and help you take the first steps towards treatment. In some cases, treatment can be started during your consultation visit. Schedule your appointment online or call our team today!

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